Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy Week

Winter is fast approaching and I'm nowhere near ready, mostly running in circles around here.  Nothing is winterized yet.  Had a tire blow-out on Vger.  Matt got the Head from Stripez off to the machine shop.  Starter died on the WC.  Muffler fell off RumJohn.  One of my credit cards lowered my limit, raised my interest, and penalized me for going over the limit.  My bedroom window is still open.  Propane tank is still empty.  Matt plowed the garden under.  People at work have been making changes without consulting with the affected personnel causing havoc and confusion.  People have been making "plans" and starting projects without planning.

I'm looking forward to a long rest.  Wish I could hibernate over the winter like a bear.  I'm afraid that I will keep looking forward to that rest for too long.

Gas was as low as 2.749, then went back up to 2.799, this morning at 2.769 (I filled up last night at 2.799, of course).  Economy is still in chaos, with 'most every government in the world printing money as fast as the presses can spin.

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