Friday, July 16, 2010


Passed my CDL Exam, should be getting my new drivers license early next week.  Test went OK, got dinged for a few minor things; the examiner felt that I didn't do enough traffic checks especially while making left turns; while doing the pre-trip inspection I mentioned the wheel, tire, lug nuts but failed to mention the check for "cracked or welded rims"; little things like those.   On the whole the test went quite smoothly, no surprises, nothing unexpected or for which I was not prepared.

Although I passed the test, school is not yet over.  This afternoon we get a video on "How to Chain Up", then we go out in the yard and practice putting the chains on, all six of them.  I think that tomorrow is logbooks and Sunday is Qualcomm.  Now is when we cover the things required for the job but not required to pass the CDL exam; things like all the special rules required by certain states like Oregon, California, and others that have rules that are different from or in addition to the the Federal Rules.

Next big hurdle:  getting a job driving truck.

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