Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday February 21, 2008

Gas: I saw on 2/20 on my way home at 7PM that gas jumped to 3.099. I need to fill the Gladiator, wonder what it will be when I get done here tonight? It is at about half full, so it will take about 20 gallons. 20*3.099=61.98. Ouch.

Still messin with videos. Decided the most economical way to stream video was by using wmv's, so I'm using Pinnacle to convert my old MPEG-4 files over to wmv. I'm converting a 371MB file to wmv right now. It resides on my PC which is pretty darn fast for a PC by any measure. After 45 minutes we have converted 1857 of 12085 frames. At that rate it will take nearly 6 hours to complete the conversion. Ouch.

Think I will go home. Maybe I will see if gas has dropped back, seems like they typically jump it .10 then drop it .04-.08. Maybe I will just wait and see if the price goes higher. I had thought about filling up yesterday morning at 2.959 but decided I needed to get to work a few minutes earlier, seems like every time I have done that lately the price has jumped before I got back. Ah dunno.

Update 6.30pm: On the way home gas is at 2.999. What did I say?

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