Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday February 19, 2008

Gotten a bit behind. On Friday I installed Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus. On my old XP PC I used Studio 9 to make training videos to post on our Intranet training site. I ordered Studio 10 Plus with my new PC, but no-one has asked for a training video since I built it until now. When I installed Studio 10 the install quit with a message about Vista needing a special install (found on the CD) so I did that, and then when it went on-line to look for updates it uninstalled and then installed a newer version from the website (nearly 2 hours total). Then, as soon as I attached the USB Port the PC BSOD with an error on my RAID controller driver (Marvell from Intel). Something in Studio 10 conflicts with the driver and whatever it did blew up my RAID array so the PC would no longer boot and I had no arrays.

I reinstalled Vista with all the latest drivers and patches after re-creating my array, then installed Studio 10 again , same results. I rebuilt the PC again and this time I installed Studio 10 on the XP partition where it works just fine.

And, of course, Vista wouldn't activate (Key already in use), so I had to call and get a new activation key.

I didn't have access to the Office 2007 install, so I tried using Offivce 2003 which works, but I decided that I missed 2007 so I've gotten access to it and I'm installing it now.

I'm still pissed off that Vista cannot run the Exchange admin tools yet, I still have a hard time imagining that the Network and Domain and Exchange admins at M$ are still using XP. Supposedly the Exchange 2007 admin tools won't even run on Vista although rumour says that SP1 fixes that. I don't have SP1 yet. So, I'm running my old XP in a virtual PC window so I can still manage the domain.

I'm still trying to get things working and installed. Good thing I had a fairly recent backup.

Gas: 2.959 last night/this morning, down from 2.999 on 2/17.

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