Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday March 7, 2008

Gas still 3.099, have to fill all three vans this weekend. Oh well.

Gladiator STILL has a coolant leak that I have to try to track down, and still doesn't blow hot air from heater.

Vger needs battery and cables, maybe alternator or regulator.

Stripez needs battery cables, rad hoses, and maybe a new head gasket.

Red Horizon needs Master Cylinder, Rear Bumper, Exhaust system, wiper blades.

Think I will work on them this weekend in this order:

1. Gladiator - Take doghouse off, pressure test cooling system.
2. Vger - will rob battery from Stripez for test, replace cables OR cable ends.
3. Red Horizon - Install Master Cylinder and get brakes working.
4. Stripez - Find place to park it and start removing head to take to Machine shop.

Oh yeah, chipped a tooth last night. Sharp edges irritate my tongue, but no nerve pain, thank you, God. I have had pretty bad back pain this week, lower back which is unusual for me, my lower back aches often but not this kind of sometimes overwhelming pain where I need to lie down for a while to get thru it, usually that is reserverd for my upper back. It never rains but it pours someone once said.

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