Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday March 10, 2008

Gas still 3.099, filled up Vger and the Gladiator over the weekend, only $140 for the two.

Stripez is parked, 99% certain it needs a head gasket.

Put new master cylinder on '89 Horizon, stepped on the pedal and blew out the steel line to the left rear. Everything is so rotten under there that I might as well get enough line to replace both brake lines. And probably the rubber hoses also. Fronts appear to be OK. Got back bumper re-attached so it looks nice and might actually do something. Maybe.

Last time I worked on the Gladiator we tightened the hose clamp on the upper radiator hose, but when we pressure tested it on Saturday it was still leaking. Put a new one on, then the hose from the top of the engine to the heater started leaking. Got that replaced. Now it is leaking down very slowly, looks like we need to replace the hoses to the rear heater as well as all the rest of the heater hoses. That will have to wait until after the '89 horizon is running, since the rear heater core must be removed to get to the hoses, and the blower motor on the rear heater needs to be replaced also and that will take some searching to locate a new motor or I will need to get the old one rebuilt.

Put the battery from Stripez into Vger (really the battery for Matt's '65 F250) and then replaced the alternator using a spare I had. Charging system problem fixed.

Brake lines for '89 Horizon
Exhaust for '89 Horizon
Rear tires for '89 Horizon
Rear Heater Blower for '93 G20
All Heater Hoses for '93 G20
Oil Pressure Gauge for '88 Voyager
Re-man head for '92 Voyager

Saturday was chilly and windy, think windchill readings were in -20 range. Sunday temps got into the mid 30's and almost no wind. Starting to see a little mud in the yard.

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