Monday, July 21, 2008


Way behind, that is.

GAS: starting last Friday (I think), gas dropped to 3.979/gal, then Saturday to 3.899, then Sunday to 3.839, now today it is at 3.799.

We've had a few minor showers and t-storms over the last few days, nothing to get excited about.

Big news of the weekend was that we acquired a pool table thru FreeCycle, just had to pick it up and then find a home for it.  With a LOT of help from Matt and Evolena we got the garage re-organized and found enough space to put the pool table in the middle of the floor.  Need to keep it tarped when not in use to keep critters and weather off of it since the roof leaks and there are no screens or glass in the windows and no door in the frame.

I've wanted a pool table for 35 years, but never had time or space or money for it.  Didn't get anything else done with the yard or hay or cars or anything else, but I can play pool anytime now by walking out to the garage.  Just got to ignore the mosquitos.  It's a mass-market cheap 6-1/2 foot table, the top has a tear or two in the felt and the balls don't always go where you expect them to go, but it sure is a lot of fun.

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