Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gas at 2.299 since Sunday 11/2

I'm writing this a week later; I forgot to blog it at the time.

Halloween night the window mechanism on Vger broke.  In the ChryCorp minivans of this age the crank drives a gear approx 8" diameter that moves a flexible rack gear bolted to the bottom of the window and running on a track inside the door.  The plastic rack gear broke about 6" below the window.

Well, I've tried replacing these mechanisms before and it is a regular PITA, so I wanted to avoid that if possible.  I figured OK, I have two other vans, so I'll just swap this door with the driers door from the Turbo Caravan.  In the meantime, I stuck a piece of wood in the door to hold the window up.

So, Matt's going to help me swap the doors.  I had forgotten, but we parted out an 88 Caravan a year ago, and the drivers door was in pretty good shape.  So, Matt dug it out of the barn and installed it.  Vger now has a white drivers door and a working window.

The door we took off is in excellent shape, I don't think it has any rust on it, so we put it aside as a spare.  When we get around to it we'll replace the window mechanism.

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