Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, I don't have svchost errors anymore.  

Disabling the "server" service stopped the errors from happening, but it also stopped a bunch of other stuff that I wanted.  So, I was going to do a repair install of XP and brought a CD home to do it with.

I have two types of WinXP CD's lying around; I usually keep them labeled appropriately.  One type is just a basic, standard CD that is slipstreamed with current patches (at this time, up to SP3), and the other is my "rebuild the PC and get it on the floor CD" that automatically boots, reformats, installs, and configures everything to our desktop standard so that when the install process is done in about an hour it can go straight to the floor.  As I said, I try to keep them labeled, but I grabbed an unlabeled XP CD and it was my auto CD.  Most of the data is backed up to about 2 months ago, so it isn't a total loss, and it is probably better this way anyways, clear up a bunch of junk.

Had a great Turkey Dinner yesterday at Jon and Patty's place.  After dinner Jon showed me a book he got recently; an Anthology of Dragon stories.  The first story was by Anne McCaffrey.  I've just never gotten around to reading any of her writing, but after reading that short story (the beginning of the Pern saga) I realized that I've been missing some great reading.   I'm going to have to get the "Dragonflight" book and start reading about Pern.

Jon and Patty gave me the latest Mannheim Steamroller CD, "Christmasville".  From the Mannheim Steamroller Website:

"This record was born out of a once-in-a-lifetime project: Universal Theme Parks commissioned Chip Davis to create music WITH vocals-- for a holiday show called 'Grinchmas'. Thus, for the first time, you'll hear Mannheim Steamroller with voice as the final instrument"

I'm afraid it's not one of the better Mannheim efforts.  Actually, it's the worst Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Album yet.    It's very short, about 30 minutes.   Only two (I think) of the tracks are actually Mannheim Steamroller, the rest are some kind of a bastard Mannheim/Universal cross.

Chip, I really hope that this is indeed a "once in a lifetime" album.

Gotta remember to pick up the head for Stripez at the machine shop today.

Gas in Bemidji was 1.719, in GR 1.899 on T-Day.




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