Friday, December 12, 2008

12-Dec Colder

The thermometer at home said -20°F, the NWS says -10°F.  I was shivering too much to read the thermometers in town.

Ran ourselves out of propane at home; not sure how.  I'm sure the gauge read 30% last Friday, but it is empty now.  Might have something to do with all the house cleaning and traffic thru the house all week.

Vendors have been sending "Customer Appreciation" gifts of fancy chocolates all week, I'm eating myself sick.

When I call my UniCel phone I get a message that service has been suspended.  All the cell phones owned by the hospital say that when you call them.

Gas in GR is still at 1.699.  We'll be going to Bemidji tonight, see what it is there.

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