Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Too confused/busy to blog the last few days.  I managed to get off early on Christmas Eve and took Christmas Day and Friday off.  I was actually carrying the Master Pager for the group and only got one page the entire weekend, and the problem was solved before I could return the call; so "work" was not the problem.

We'll start on 12/21, when we finally setup the (fake) Christmas Tree.

I think the picture is much prettier with the flash turned off:

Then we move to Christmas Eve, We had a couple of snow storms and some very cold weather, so on Christmas Eve (and Day) the roads were very icy. Driving past the neighbors house I noticed an eagle sitting in the tree looking out over the road and field beyond.

On Christmas Day the roads were still very icy, but the scenery was beautiful.

Spent most of Christmas Day in Bemidji with the kids.  This was Phillip's first Christmas.  I really remember very little about my childhood, but I do remember that I loved Legos (still do, actually).  I have a set of Legos that were always at my grandparents, if you look thru the "Slides" you can find at least one photo of me playing with them.  One of the first gifts I gave our kids was Legos, and I decided that would be my first Christmas Present for Phillip, start his collection of Legos.  I got him a simple Duplo set to get started with.

Phillip played with Matt and Evolena a bit, he's getting quite the winning smile now.

Matt made up some more burned plaque; Jon got a Dragon and Patty a Mermaid, that face each other.

Evan got a plaque also, the Lord's Prayer - in Finnish.

Evolena also got a plaque of a Dragon

On Friday we took it (more or less) easy. On Saturday Matt and I (and a couple of helpers) went over to Jim's and installed a frost plug block heater in Vger. Haven't had to use it - yet. Tomorrow night we have a forecast for -20, so I'll get to test it then.

Went bowling Sunday with the neighbor's; I figure it's the first time in nearly 20 years I've tried to roll a ball at some pins. I did manage an 86 with a strike and a couple of spares and several gutter balls.

When we got home from Bowling I found Bear under the Christmas Tree

Gas in GR went to 1.659 on Friday, I believe Bemidji was at 1.629 on Christmas Day.

Until Later!

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