Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Been doing a bit of digging on SAN, NAS, iSCSI, and similar. I'm trying to move the servers at the network from a whole bunch of disparate boxes with DAS to blades with iSCSI connect to a SAN, and Management doesn't understand the need. I am trying to learn enough about the subject so that I can explain it to the non-technical types in such a way that they can understand what I'm trying to accomplish.

The weather yesterday afternoon and this morning is beautiful, might have made it to 60 yesterday and it's mid 40's this morning and clear. Forecast is for all hell to break loose tonight with 3-4 inches of rain expected tomorrow and then heavy snow on Friday into Saturday.

I was hoping to take the W-6 out and plow the 10 acre field Saturday; with this forecast doesn't look too likely. I want to get that field plowed and seeded for hay soon. We paid $8 a bale for SMALL square bales of clover hay, $7 for a large square bale of timothy hay before that. No more square bales within 50 miles that we know of right now. 1200 lb round bales are going for $150 now. The pasture is starting to green, but it will be at least a couple of weeks before we can put the animals out on it.

Guy I bought the W-6 from lost the gas cap a couple of years ago. He duct-taped a tuna can over the opening to keep dirt out. I went to the local Fleet & Farm store to get a new gas cap, I mean, how hard can it be to get one of these, it's the same on a Farmall and other IH tractors. Couldn't find one, not even a listing for one in the Stant book. So, I went searching the web for a gas cap to buy. Still couldn't find one. finally, I found If your equipment manufactured by International Harvester meets certain requirements they will send you a new gas cap for free. Seems the old ones could be hazardous to the health. My W-6 qualifies, I've got one on order, we'll see what happens.

Scrap metal is pushing $200 a ton, lots of folks out looking to pickup scrap cars and metal. And a year ago I had a terrible time getting my scrap pile hauled away (that I didn't want hauled away).

Gas still at 3.399 this morning, filled both vans.

Received coupons for A-D TV converter boxes, went to wally-world to buy a couple. Coupons are for $40 off, converters sell for $50. Our store is sold out and not likely to get more before they move to the new super store in 2 weeks.

To work!

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