Monday, April 7, 2008

Matt & I (mostly Matt) got the drive cleared about to the road. I say about because you can't tell where the road is. A couple of 4x4 pickups and a few snowmobiles are all we've seen go down the road, no snowplows. The snow at the road is about 2 feet higher than the bumper of the van, we aren't going to go anywhere until sometime after the snowplow goes by.

Looking across the yard at the garage it looks as though the snow is drifted up nearly to the eaves. Not exactly worth the effort to swim across the snow to verify it.

I hopefully have the speedometer on Vger fixed. I think that the cable came partly unscrewed at the tranny end, allowing the other end to partially disengage from the speedometer. Took everything apart, cleaned and lubed and put it back together. Driving up and back on the driveway it looks normal, can't really tell until I can get out on the road.

Just waiting for the snowplow to come by now.

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