Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gas is still at 3.899.

Spent most of the day Friday on the M-D W6 plowing and discing the garden. Then got the A-C WC running again on Saturday (bad battery cable) and used that for discing the garden. What a difference. The W6 is a brute, just walks the 2 bottom plow thru the garden. The WC is so much smaller and has much better visibility, turns much sharper (narrow front); much better suited for discing a small area like the garden.

Moved the '69 Pontiac Catalina Wagon, '70 Pontiac Ventura II, '77 Pontiac Catalina, and '81 Plymouth Horizon out to the front yard on Monday afternoon, I need to start stripping them down and salvaging parts. Gonna let Matt and the NLCS haul some of them away as part of their fundraiser, but I haven't yet decided how much. Still need to move the '89 Dodge Caravan Turbo, '89 Dodge Caravan, and '91 Plymouth Acclaim out front also.

I'm just about ready to decide to quit the car hobby. I love tinkering with the cars, I love looking at the nice ones. But I'm just no longer up to all the physical labor involved any more. At the very least I'm going to knock it down to one car project instead of the four car projects I'm currently staring at.

That will still leave me with more hobbies than I have time for, but maybe I won't feel so pressured.

Saturday was the North Central Minnesota Farm and Antique Association's annual auction. Matt and I took an old ground drive rake down to get auctioned, haven't heard if it went or not. There was some VERY nice equipment down there, including a restored John Deere A, a restored Allis Chalmers WD, a running Ford 9N, a really rough Ford 8N, a "yard art" Farmall F-12 on steel, and an unstyled Allis-Chalmers WC in rough condition (as the guy said, "it ran the last time I used it"). I've never seen a treadless rear tractor tire before. The tread was worn smooth on that WC! I think a neighbor down the road bought that one. There were two or three or four more tractors also.  Probably one of the biggest auctions they have had with hundreds of items. There was nothing that I needed, so we went home to work on Matt's WC.

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