Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kinda fun having this blog. I was browsing back thru my posts and found one where I did some comparison's on the price of gas and the price of a new car. I decided to update it with todays numbers to see where I'm at:

Regular unleaded today is 3.899/gallon
1993 Chevy G20 (Gladiator) averages 14 mpg $200/mo maint
1988 Plymouth Voyager (VGer) averages 23 mpg $200/mo maint
2008 Ford Escape Hybrid 34 mpg city 30 mpg hwy (EPA est). We'll use the city even though I drive mostly highway. $35K or $1050/month
I drive about 1400/month or 17000/year.

Cost per month (very simplistic) based on gas at 3.899, 1400 miles per month, and above maint OR payment:

Gladiator: $592
VGer: $438
Escape: $1218

I don't think so.

Even looking at it more simplistically:
Gladiator $4760/year gas
VGer $2890/year gas
Escape $2040/year gas

So, over a year, I would save $850 in gas driving the Excape over VGer. And the payments are $1050/month? Even with the Gladiator I would save only $2720, not even 3 months worth of payments.

I don't think so.

And I won't even look at what the price of insurance will be for a new car, or what the price of maintenance might be in five years on the Escape.

I don't think so.

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