Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gas: Price at one station in GR is at 3.859 at 7AM although the other3 I passed were still at 3.799. The word on the street is that the price is expected to go to or over $4 by this weekend (Memorial Day). Price per barrel went briefly over $135, current price ( is at 132.90, although the rumor is that it will go over $141 in next month.

I have a feed for the gas price map at that I want to post here, but I need to figure out how I want to present it.

Gorgeous weather. Matt started to plow the garden last night, I'm hoping to finish it this afternoon.

Auction at Blackberry this weekend, need to finish getting the rake down there. They have a lot of equipment in the auction, I think I heard almost a dozen tractors. Saw one, a fully restored Deere on steel. I probably have a pic of it here.

I need to resume searching for a camera.

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