Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chrome Install

As I feared, when I tried to install Google Chrome at home over my dialup connection I had a problem.  After 3 hours of the installer working away, it finally gave me an error message that pretty much translated as "screw you, I can't download the file in a timely manner".  I did some more searching and discovered that others had the same issue and had discovered a "stand alone" installer, "Chrome_Install.exe"   I found it on Google's website here. That file took just a bit over one hour to download, I ran it and here I am, using Chrome right now.  And now that I have the full installer, It will be much easier and faster to install it on the other 3 PC's I use here at home.

Since I see that many others are having similar problems, and since I see that quite a few of the bugs I have seen publicly reported have to do with the installer, I have high hopes that these errors will be fixed in the next release.  I hope.

The main Chrome dev site with bug reports is at

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