Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Pretty bad cold started last Thursday, finally starting to feel alive today, still a bit of chest congestion.   Missed a bit of life for a few days.

Looks like Hurricane Ike did a a bit of damage down south extending up into the Midwest but not this far north.  We've had a couple of storm systems pass thru in the last week, about an inch of rain total.  Frost a couple of nights, but we've kept 85% of the garden alive by running the sprinkler in the early morning hours or all night.

Because of Ike, gas prices in GR shot up to 3.919 over the weekend, then dropped to 3.899 Monday, then to 3.749, then 3.699.  I need to fill Vger, we'll see what it is tomorrow morning.

The missing parts from Rock Auto showed up Thursday.  I made an appointment for Friday at Warba Tire to get the shocks and struts installed, two tires and an alignment.  Should make the '89 Horizon a much better drive.

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