Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maybe It's Worth It

Put gas in the '89 Horizon today. Of course, since the the tank leaks I can't get an accurate reading, but my rough estimate is 40 mpg. Did 272 miles on about 5/8 tank of gas (deducting the leaks). The gauge was on "E" and I only added 5 gallons to bring it to "1/2"; the tank is officially a 13 gallon tank, so call it 7 gallons which gives 39 MPG. Hey, that beats Vger's average 24 MPG over the last 10,000 miles by a long shot. And that 10,000 miles was over the last year (more or less, 9/9/2007 to 8/20/2008). That was about 420 gallons of gas. ASSUMING TODAY'S PRICE of 3.579/gal AND ASSUMING 40 MPG, driving the Horizon would save me $600 per year in gas.


Maybe it's worth it.

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