Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Over the top with the '89 Horizon

I hated to do it but I ordered the parts for the Horizon today from www.rockauto.com:

1989 PLYMOUTH HORIZON 2.2L 135cid L4 TBI (D)
AIRTEX E7000 Fuel Pump $ 44.79
MONROE 71767 Strut Assembly - Front 2x 28.79 $ 57.58
MONROE 901208 Lift Support 2x 10.82 $ 21.64
MONROE 71205 Strut Assembly - Rear 2x 25.79 $ 51.58
MONROE AK28 Shock Mounting Kit $ 6.07
SPECTRA PREMIUM ST37 Fuel Tank Strap $ 17.11
SPECTRA PREMIUM CR3B Fuel Tank $ 76.79
WALKER 17847 Muffler $ 25.79
WALKER 42591 Pipe $ 5.25
WALKER 44799 Pipe $ 9.64
WALKER 35344 Clamp 4x 1.09 $ 4.36
DORMAN 03128 Exhaust Bolt and Spring $ 9.44
Shipping $ 101.66
Order Total $ 431.70

Means the House Payment will be late, but that will cost me $25. I was going to wait, but the Fuel Pump for 82.79 went on clearance for 44.79. I figure it's worth it. I'm replacing the front and rear struts as well, means I will need to get the tires replaced and the alignment, but I can wait to install those until I'm ready to do the other work. Or, I will probably just take them in with the car to do the tires and alignment, the guy that does my suspension work is labor only, I always get the parts for him. That would work out better.

I generally like to buy local, but. Buying the tank locally was $130. The fuel pump was $160. The tank straps were $36. A generic muffler was $35. I didn't price the struts locally, but I saved more than the cost of shipping for the tank and pump alone.

All in all I think it was a good deal. And better than driving a car with a big hole in the gas tank 2 inches from where the end of the exhaust pipe is. And that does the jitterbug when you get over 55 mph.

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  1. hay dad my e-mail will not work for me so this is the only way for me to tell you.
    ps way to go with the horizon i think that ones you get that dune you will save on gas.