Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's raining.

Driveway was almost dry. We did disk the garden last night, a couple of soft spots still.

Pulled the hood and grill from the W6 last night, stripped the grill to bare metal on the outside and got all the loose stuff off the inside. Had a couple of dings, the worst had a bunch of body filler on it. Matt banged some of it out, but there are actual gouges in the metal, they are not just dents. I might try leading it before I prime it tonight. I will probably save the hood for later and put it back on the way it is. The grill had the body filler and primer put on a couple of years ago with no finish coat, made the tractor look funny with a rusty gray grill. I'm hoping that by Saturday it will be a straight red hood. Got a quart each of Rust-Oleum primer and IH Red enamel, will try out the new HVLP sprayer I got last year and see what I can do with it.

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