Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sitting in Betty's hospital room right now.  Very rainy and windy outside, gusting to 60mph.  Betty tells me that the power was out briefly just before I arrived here; I passed 2 downed trees on Golf Course Road.

Found a tranny for the blue Horizon, it will cost me about $300 to get it here including shipping.  More than I wanted to pay but definitely worth it to get a car that gets 40 mpg running.

Filled up Vger at 3.959. Some stations are at 3.969 and some at 3.959, a slight pullback from Monday’s high.

Paging system down right now, nobody told IS until I did just now. Nurse has been trying to get a Doc here to see Betty but no response to the page; I paged myself and didn’t receive it. Our in-house repeater gets the signal from a repeater in Coleraine which gets its signal from another repeater which gets its signal from another repeater which gets a signal from the transmitter in Duluth. With weather like this any one of the repeaters could be down which will put us down. The paging company had a problem last year with the backup generator in Coleraine not coming on line, wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again.

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