Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Summer's Day

This will be mostly photos. I have cut the quality and size of the photos tremendously, but there's still a lot of data there. and it's not really one day, it's the afternoon of Wednesday and the morning of today, Thursday.

Matt and I started mowing a hayfield yesterday. Actually, Matt and his friend Nate started mowing it a couple of days before, but with the beautiful weather I wanted to get it done. I asked Evvy to come out and take a few photos of Matt on the Mower and me on the tractor.

I took a photo myself from the drivers seat.

Notice all the flowers? While mowing, I would occasionally see one that I thought was really pretty, but I never stopped. Then, shortly after this picture was taken, the tongue on the mower broke, and we couldn't mow any longer. So, I went searching for the pretty flowers. I have no idea what this is, but there was a cluster of them in a very wet part of the field.

You can see there are a couple of these flowers in the pic as well as some daisies, I didn't manage to get any buttercups in this picture, can hardly believe that because there are more buttercups then anything else except hay.

This morning when I walked out the door to head for work I had to stop to take some pictures of the rose bush next to the front door. I don't know what kind of rose this is, we got this from a neighbor whose yard is full of these bushes. It's the only rose I know that is hardy enough to survive the winter up here without special care and attention.

On a different note, I have noticed that there has been some kind of project going on at the watertower on my way to work, with cables and pipes and a giant air compressor and other equipment, but I couldn't figure out what they were doing with all the cables strung around and down from the top of the tower. Now I think I may have an idea.

I think they are getting ready to sandblast and repaint the tower, I can't think of any other reason to erect a huge tent around it.

Have a good day and enjoy the wonderful weather!!! I need to figure out how to make a good new tongue for the hay mower.

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