Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not too bad of a weekend. Ground VERY soggy after the rain last week, but sunny and breezy. Got the engine/tranny ripped out of Da Vench and returned to its owner today.

Gas is back up to 3.899. Talked to my mom in SoCal Saturday; she paid 4.45 for gas that morning.

Took most of Saturday to get everything together; had to find a relatively level place that wasn't under water and where the cars wouldn't sink into the ground; then had to mow that place and put the car there, then transport the jack and engine hoist to that spot.

While I was prepping Da Vench Matt replaced the fan belt and radiator hoses on the WC, also replaced the radiator and rebuilt the carb. The WC nows runs the best it has since we've had it here. Still need to complete the carb adjustments. Need to adjust the carb under load, kinda hard to do that when you don't have anything to run off the PTO so the only way to load it is to pull something, and it's kinda hard to adjust a moving object.

Because you can't roll the engine hoist on the grass, we rolled the car out from under the engine, then I backed VGer up to the engine while Matt swung the engine inside. Good thing VGer has the overload springs; it was squatting pretty good. I was VERY glad to have the load out of VGer when we unloaded.

Photos in "Da Vench" Gallery.

BBQ'd Beef Ribs for dinner last night; hamburgers tonight. Got a little bit of the yard and the shooting range mowed tonight, now it's raining pretty good.

With all the rain last week the grass and hay are growing fast, and the bloodsucking mosquitos are multiplying faster than I can spray them away.

I have to run to Duluth Monday morning; going to see an Avaya Unified Communications demo and visit my friends at Sisu ( Then I have the rest of the week off while Betty has surgery.

And yes, these are photos from my new camera. Couldn't find one that met ALL of my criteria, but this one meets the most important ones and I got a bargain on it. More on that subject later, when I get more time.

Ta ta!

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